Women's health differs from the health of men in many ways. Women's have other various health concerns towards their body. This includes the menstrual cycles, birth control, menopause, pregnancy, and many others. For all of these health issues, the medicines are developed. Women's health includes other various specialties such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, gynecology, Mammography, hormone therapy, Osteoporosis and sexual health and many others. 

More about WOMEN'S HEALTH:

There is many women's health medicine available for treating various problems in women. 
For the Breast cancer-related problem, it includes the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Doctors provide various women's health pills for the problem related to cancer breast. 

Other major problems in women's are Sexual health which includes birth control, treatment of sexual infections and others. For all of these, doctors give women's health medicines with directed dosage.

There are other problems also found in women that can be treated using women's health pills. 

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