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Eriacta DETAIL

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The major ingredient found in the Eriacta is Sildenafil citrate. The Eriacta also is known as a blue pill and is primarily used for preventing erectile dysfunction. The Erectile dysfunction which is also called as impotence is caused in men body. This dysfunction is a severe condition in which a man is unable to maintain/achieve a penile erection for sexual intercourse. 

This happens in the body when there is a decreased amount of blood flow in the penis. The reduced blood flow may be due to stress, anxiety, etc. Some other factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction are obesity, drinking, etc. Eriacta majorly comes in 100mg tablets that help you to relax the muscles present in the blood vessel wall which ultimately increases the flow of blood into the penis. It is recommended to consult a physician before taking Eriacta 100mg. 

Side Effects

There are major and minor side effects caused in the body while taking the high dosage of Eriacta 100mg. 

Blood urine
Sensitivity to light
Prolonged and painful erection

Medicinal Use of Eriacta

As per the doctors and physician, the Eriacta can be used when there is a problem of erectile dysfunction and other related problems. 

Erectile Dysfunction

The Eriacta is prescribed to be used for the treatment of the ED or impotence found in men. Due to the decreased blood flow in the penis, it becomes difficult to achieve or sustain an erection while having sexual intercourse. In such conditions, it is advisable to undergo counseling along with the treatment with this medicine in order to achieve the best possible effects in it. 

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Another major use of Eriacta is to treat high blood pressure levels in arteries. Using Eriacta can improve exercise capacity efficiently. 

Dosage of Eriacta

The doctors offer minimal dosage of Eriacta initially for the 5-10 days. In the case where you forgot taking the dose, as soon as you remember to take it as early as possible. For more information, consult your doctor. Also, does not double the dose in the case of missed dosage because it may lead to severe problem in the body. If such a thing happens, contact your doctor immediately. Before start taking the dose of Eriacta, go for a drug interaction review and stop all other medications to avoid any severe interaction in the body. 

Where to buy?

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