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Trazodone DETAIL

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Trazodone is prescribed by the doctors to the patients who are suffering from insomnia, anxiety disorder, and depressions. This drug is approved by the FDA that is beneficial to be used for the medicaltreatment of depression and mood swings. In addition, Trazodone can also be prescribed by a doctor to the patient who has a problem of mental health such as insomnia. This drug also used to cure panic attacks and anxiety. Trazodone works in the body by increasing the activity of serotonin in the brain that helps to treat depression and anxiety related problems. This drug works efficiently in the body by helping to restore
the balance of serotonin in the brain to reduce the depression and anxiety related issues.


As per the medical condition of the patient, the Trazodone is given by the doctors.

 For Adult depression treatment, the initial recommended dosage is 150mg per day which should be divided in every 8-10 hours. Besides, its dosage can be increased by 50mg per day every 3-6 days.
 For Pediatric Depression Treatment the Trazodone should be given 1.5-2mg per day orally for 6- 12 years. Over 12 years of age, 25-50mg per day should be given.
 For Geriatric Depression Treatment, its dosage of 25-50mg must be given at bedtime. It can be increased by 25-50mg every three days.
 People who have Insomnia must consume 50-100mg of its dosage once per day. Besides, for aggressive behavior people, the initial dosage is 50mg orally every 12 hours.

Consult with your doctor to know more about its dosage.

How to use Trazodone?

It is advised to read the medication guide before consuming Trazodone.

 Take Trazodone by mouth orally. Do not chew or crush as it may produce some serious side effects.
 Take Trazodone after your meal or snack for twice daily or as directed by your doctor. If you feel little drowsiness, then take this medicine before bedtime.
 This medicine can also be consumed with water or any other acid-free beverages. For better results, do not skip its dosage and take Trazodone as directed by your doctor.


 Before consuming Trazodone, tell about your medical history and allergies to your doctor.
 Tell about your family history of bipolar disorder or any suicide attempt cases, heart diseases, and others.

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